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Food that makes you happy and content

Nothing can beat the contentment of amazing food in an amazing ambience. Scarbrough supplies the ambience, we supply food that creates joy when you dig in 🙂 From savouries to cafe favourites to award-winning Gelati and yummy desserts, we have it all.

Sunsets With Zoie: Events to chill and enjoy

At Scarborough beach, you can now enjoy the magic of its beautiful sunsets at Zoie. Our Sunset Sessions are licensed events and feature musicians, some of the best views at Scarborough Beach, and our finger-licking good Zoie Sunset Menu. Another way to experience the Zoie

Zoie’s love of Neotony, the childlike exuberance and way of joyous thinking extends into a host of merchandise you can take home with you. 

From Zoie’s His & Her T-Shirts, to Keep cups, to Zoie’s award winning Zoie #5 Coffee for your delight at home. 

What comes free with every visit and every purchase, is the smile that Zoie reminds you to treasure. 

Ask any of our friendly staff for the merch. It is quality material.  

A love for food, travel and each other made our co-founders, Maricar and Scott start on this journey. Learn more about their journey from corporate leaders to a cafe dedicated to love, life and the amazing beach views at Scarborough.
Learn more about their journey in our About section

Zoie has a taste powered by travel. memory and love. …and a quirky, fun-filled philosphy.

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171 The Esplanade, Scarborough WA 6019 (next to Scarborough Beach Pool)



7 am - 5 pm daily.
7 am - 4 pm on Public holidays
7 am - 6 pm for the School holidays


(08) 6162 6877

( open some evenings)
Check our website/socials/or phone us to find out more.)

Restaurant Guru Award 2022 and 2023