Sunsets With Zoie: Events to chill and enjoy

At Scarborough beach, you can now enjoy the magic of its beautiful sunsets at Zoie. Our Sunset Sessions are licensed events and feature musicians, some of the best views at Scarborough Beach, and our finger-licking good Zoie Sunset Menu. Another way to experience the Zoie principle of Neoteny. Good times.

For coffee lovers, our specialty coffee will make you rejoice.

Good coffee takes a lot of love, care and effort. Zoie’s owners are coffee lovers and have ensured Zoie has amazing coffee. From Zoie’s own specialty blend (Zoie No 5) to amazing baristas and friendly staff, a great coffee experience is guaranteed.

Food that makes you happy and content

Nothing can beat the contentment of amazing food in an amazing ambience. Scarbrough supplies the ambience, we supply food that creates joy when you dig in 🙂 From savouries to cafe favourites to award-winning Gelati and yummy desserts, we have it all.